April Burton and Ken Taylor have been writing music together since 2002, and decided to start sharing their songs with the world in 2010. Their wide variety of musical influences and interests merge together to create an eclectic style. Although they can primarily be categorized as alternative folk rock, they aspire to be 'genre outlaws': they refuse to be tied to any particular style and prefer to craft each song without agenda or formula. Interwoven piano and guitar melodies provide a base for intimate, thoughtful lyrics touching on topics ranging from unrequited love to horrific carnival accidents, altogether creating a style that is unique yet not unfamiliar.

April is a classically trained pianist and self-taught singer who has been playing music since early childhood. Although she started out in her songwriting career by creating parodies of popular music in middle school that would make Weird Al proud, she began to write original songs in college, inspired by similarly styled female musicians such as Tori Amos, Ani Difranco, Dar Williams, Larissa Dalle, and Fiona Apple.

Ken grew up in a musical household, learning to play the drums from a young age and participating in jam sessions with his parents and their former bandmates. He taught himself guitar while listening to 90's grunge and hard rock. While pursuing an engineering degree he became interested in music recording and production, embarking on the lifelong process of accumulating too much audio gear.

The two met in the Boston area and soon after began to make music together, inspired by local acts Jim's Big Ego, Lisa Bastoni, and the Dresden Dolls. They are currently based in the San Francisco Bay area. |